No fight your enemy – Corper visits uncle who didn’t believe he attended school (Video)

A member of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has paid a surprise visit to his uncle in his village in a bid to show that he made something out of his life.

He revealed that the man doubted him earlier this year, saying he never went to school and was only lying about being a graduate.

But in a video the young man shared TikTok, he could be seen arriving at his family’s compound in his hometown while rocking his NYSC uniform.

He approached the man, greeted him and proceeded to recall how the same man accused him in January that he did not attend any school.

The graduate said he wore the uniform to prove to his uncle that what he believed about his education is not true.

“Everybody see that my uncle wey been talk say I never go school. Today I carry uniform come show am makee know say I don go school…. Na him been dey talk on the 1st of January say I never go school,” he said.

Watch the video:

Reacting, @atlantisgem; Going for NYSC doesn’t mean you don make am. He needs to calm down first before bragging.

@KingsChukwuma; You fit do this video finish make you no finish the nysc.

@floraD_explorer; so becos you had a fall out with your uncle,you decide to do a video and post him. Do you think other people don’t also have fall out with family members? Is it becos they did not post it? someone who went to sch with a good head won’t do this. U borrow this uniform, werey.

@realhonour199; It’s unwîse confronting elder who boldly said u won’t make it through school in this manner.More unwîse recording him unapproved.This disrespect,a sin against God.U’re endangering ur life,career,.with this if he takes it up spiritually.There’s life after NYSC.Go apologize.Bé wise