Nigeria’s political system is cursed – Comedian Mr Macaroni

Popular actor and content creator, Adebowale Adedayo, known professionally as Mr Macaroni, has expressed deep worry over the Nigerian political space.

The award-winning skit maker averred that there might be a lingering curse on the political system in the country. He stated this while dismissing any ideas of venturing into politics in the future.

Mr Macaroni believes that the way politics is played in Nigeria, it tends to corrupt even the most diligent individuals once they become part of the system.

The 30-year-old comic act revealed that his activism roots back to his time in secondary school, where he developed a strong aversion to cheating and mistreatment of others.

He emphasised the importance of treating people with respect while noting that anyone who fails to treat people with respect will undoubtedly face his objections.

“I think in the Nigerian political system or space, at it were, there’s a curse roaming around there because we’ve seen great men, men of valour go into that space and become something we no longer recognise.

“I think it started from secondary school, naturally I don’t like being cheated and I don’t like people around me to be cheated, just treat people with respect. So the moment you do not, then you have a problem with me,” Mr Macaroni said.

Meanwhile in another news…

Mr Macaroni recently dragged two supporters of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) to court over libelous statements.

He said he has ordered his lawyers to file lawsuit against one Qudus Akanbi and Sadiq who claimed he was paid N7m by a diaspora group to support the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Macaroni described the allegation as an attack on his reputation and decided to sue him alongside Sadiq, adding that the second respondent had already been served his writ of summons.

After learning that the skit-maker had taken the matter to court, Qudus wrote; “Dear Macaroni, you have blocked me and I have blocked you too, you don’t have to look for me I live in Lagos and you also live in Lagos, just tell me the chamber of your lawyer and let me pick up my later. When you are ready I am ready.”

The content creator and comic act, however, asked Qudus to reveal his full name so that it the letter can be properly addressed. He shared screenshots of old tweets where he was being attacked and falsely accused by Akanbi alongside other APC supports.

Mr Macaroni wrote; “Dear Qudus, I have unblocked you. All I need is your full Government name and your address so that the letter can be properly addressed to you. Pls don’t stress yourself to pick up. You can Dm me or send to the mail in my bio. It will be delivered to you as a valentine gift.

Of all the people that attack me daily, I singled out Qudus and one other Sadiq for false accusations. Sadiq has received his letter and a suit will follow soon as we are yet to get a response. The only reason I made this public is because we couldn’t get an address for Qudus.”