How I nearly named my son ‘Miracle’ – BBNaija’s Nina

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Nina Ivy, has opened up on how she nearly named her son, Miracle, after her ex-lover owing to a challenging pregnancy.

The US-based fashion entrepreneur, who remarried in 2022, recounted her difficult experience at her son’s early and the issues she went through while she was pregnant.

I nearly named my son after my ex, Miracle - BBNaija's Nina

Nina Ivy said that her son, weighing only two pounds, was born after only six months instead of nine and as though that were not bad enough, she (Nina) went into a two-week coma after giving birth.

She said the doctors told her family that she didn’t have a good chance of surviving at this crucial time. Her son Denzel spent a torturous four months fighting for his life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Nina Ivy shared the story with some pictures showing how she was connected to ventilators and life support equipment. Fortunately for her, she suddenly came out of the coma after two weeks and learnt that her kid had also survived.

Nina son Miracle

When Nina Ivy looked back on the experience, she said she had really wanted to name her son, Miracle owing to the miraculous birth of her son. But she decided not to do that out of concern for backlash she would face from the public, especially given the connection to the Big Brother Naija reality show.

In her words; “So ppl saying shit about my tattoos, yall are cr@zy. This was my belly after I woke up from coma (2 weeks after Denzel’s birth) they tore me up something was wrong coz they thought with my intestines, and that was the tube I was feeding on. I waited till 2024 to tattoo that mark.”

A fan had sent her a message which read; “Eish Nina didn’t know u went THRU so much….denzel name had to be MIRACLE on a serious note”

Nina replied; “I thought about that name seriously, but ppl would have probably thought I was obsessed with the name coz of my Bbn saga without even knowing the story behind it, a lot of ppl would have trolled too.”

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I nearly named my son after my ex, Miracle - BBNaija's Nina