Nigerian man confused as lady who slept at his place shames him for ‘not doing anything’

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share a sensitive matter regarding a who paid him a visit that left him worried and confused.

He revealed that a lady visited him for the first time the previous night, but when it was time for her to leave they saw that it was already 10:30pm.

The man shared his story with a relationship coach, known on Twitter as @yourlovepjb, who then posted it on the microblogging platform.

According to him, since she could not go home because it was very late, she decided to sleep over, and she took off all her clothes.

He said that they never touched each other while sleeping on the same bed through the night, so the next day, she took her bath, got dressed and left his place.

He contacted her to know if she arrived at her place safely and she answered affirmatively, then he asked when she would visit him again but she replied; “The one i visited, what did you do?”

Her comment made him to have a moment of reflection whih led to wondering whether he did something wrong by not touching her in his room.

In his words; “Where did I do wrong? It happened that she visited me in my house last night for the 1st time. We discussed and shared our past life experiences together.

When it was time for her to leave, it started raining heavily till 10:30pm. As she could not go back Because it was already night, she decided to sleep in my room. She pulled off her clothes remaining her undies.

We slept together and we did not touch each other. In the early morning, she woke up, took her bath, dressed up and left.

After an hour, I called her to know if she arrived safely and she said yes. Then, I asked her when next she would visit me. To my greatest surprise, she replied, “VISIT YOU AGAIN? THE ONE I VISITED, WHAT DID YOU DO?đź‘€

After saying that, she hanged the call on me. Right now I am confused by Her statement since yesterday. Please, did I do wrong by not touching her? Or if a girl visits you and such happened what will you do too???”

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@Niosulay2; Well bro, something like that happened to me and I never gave it a second thought……we still bunking each other as we pledge to hold it straight with no string attached

@PurityCreatives; Leave her!. She ain’t responsible. How can she not appreciate the fact that you’re a gentle man by not touching her the first time? Leave her she’ll come back if she’s yours

@Carolyn40915760; In fact u are the best guy ever u proved to be be trust worthy and loyal not lustful like other anyway it’s between the two of u…!!