Man who dug borehole in community laments over water vanishing after he refused to see the elders

A Nigerian man identified as Oyiga Micheal, has narrated the mysterious experience he had when he went to dig borehole in a local community.

He revealed that he received donations from Don Jazzy, Ekiti Pikin and some other people which he used to buy fuel pumps, generator, water tanks to be mounted in the village.

According to him, when they were starting the project some elders requested to see him but he failed to honour their invitation due to the stress involved.

But Michael’s refusal affected the successful completion of the project as they had issues with insufficiant rainfall, which forced them to change location multiple time.

He said that when they found a place with water, he got a call later that water has stopped running again and some members of the community informed him that the elders used juju to stop the water from running.

Sharing the story on Twitter, Michael wrote; Some people are just evil and I learnt this hard way. I received donations from Don jazzy, Ekitipikin and some amazing people on this app and I went to the community to do this Borehole project.

Keep in mind that this people don’t have access to clean water since like forever. I went there with the intention of giving them clean water and also canoes to transporting the kids and every other thing.

I bought generator, fuel pumps and Gp tanks. Then got a contractor to come dig the borehole. We got to the place, fully ready to dig and someone from the community said the elders wanted to see me. So me I came to work and I didn’t want to see anybody because where elders were staying you’d still enter canoe to the place and that particular water I Dey fear am. I didn’t answer. And we started digging. Everyday by day we Dey dig. Water no Dey show.

Sometimes rain go dey fall for that particular spot e no go fall for another spot. Like for three days nothing show face. Till like the fourth day and we had full access to the water and it was drinkable and everything and I was super happy cause they can start putting up the tanks and everything.

I went home only to recieve call that water stopped. Which one is water stopped.? If e stop on am back na? Wetin stop suppose start. Them say no that there’s no water and they have to dig somewhere else

So I hurried down and one woman was saying na so then Dey do for here. Say once you no tell elders something, them go use Jazz spoil am. Keep in mind say no be me wey wan drink the water. I no Dey carry the water go house. I just wan give them this werey access to water. So I went to meet the elders Gave them something. Then left.

E pain me but no wahala. We got water somewhere else accords the same zone and place the Borehole stuff, Gen etc and it’s running perfectly to this day.

I’m saying all of this because I went there this morning and I saw one of the elders with his boat and four drums standing there fetching water. It made me sooo mad. I came here to rant and the werey was greeting me and all of that

And I have respect so I responded politely to the greeting but my heart was boiling and I wanted to insult him cause he was the particular person that brought the list I should use to settle them. E pain me.