My wife’s desire for a girl pushed me into fathering five boys – 82-year-old man

An 82-year-old retired accountant, James Aina, has revealed that his late wife’s desire to have a female child led them to having five boys.

He told the Punch in an interview that his spouse wanted their first child to be a girl, and she had already sewn female clothes, but the baby turned out to be a boy.

Aina narrated how they tried again and the second was a boy, and that was how they kept trying until they got five sons.

Sharing his experience raising five boys, the man said; “It was difficult because boys are tough. In my case, we have five boys and there used to be quarelling and misunderstanding amongst them, and I had to intervene. It’s not been easy. My wife was a seamstress and she had already sewn female clothes, thinking that her first child would be a girl. However, it turned out to be a boy. The second one turned out to be a boy too. So the dresses she had sewn for girls were later worn by her first son.

“I and my wife agreed to have two children; a boy and a girl. So after we had two boys, she wasn’t happy because she wanted a girl. We welcomed the third son and when we got to five sons, she became uninterested and said she had had enough. It’s much easier to raise girls than to raise boys. Girls, by their nature, are not as troublesome as boys, so they can be easily managed.”

On what his regrets are, Aina said; “God has been kind and faithful to me. I only regret that my wife did not live long to reap the fruits of her labour. She died in 2009 at 64 years. Since her demise, my daughters-in-law have been very good to me. They have been giving all the necessary assistance and support.”