Man uses girlfriend’s phone to expose her online for cheating in his own house

A man has taken to social media to drag his girlfriend and lament about her brazen act of infidelity right under his roof where she’s been staying for days.

He went through her phone when she was sleeping and found out that she’s been cheating on him with different men while he was at work.

The heartbroken guy then used her phone to take a photo of her sleeping and went on her Instagram story via the username @miaaspambtch, to expose her for being dishonest and unfaithful.

According to him, she’s been at his place for four days but within that time, she was entertaining multiple men and lying that he was not her boyfriend while also claiming that she is celibate

He shared the photo of her which he snapped and wrote; “This luh b***h slimey asf, been at my crib 4 dayz str8 & you texin and entertain niccas on imessage & instagram while im at work makin money, you replying to niccas stories & summo, lyin to other niccas tb “he not my nicca he one of em” gtfo my bed then.

Then you tell em you celibate when you fxxkxn me and just got fxxkxd by another nicca a month ago before fu*cin w me & its a whole tape on yo phone ts sad asl, you lyin to niccas tellin em you was at “work” when yo ass dont een gotta job, lied to my face when i ask you how old you was, like she immature asl, you doin ts all while you at MY CRIB sleeping in MY BED, comfortable asab 2 these hes be lyin frl, & wonder why yall cant find a loyal man that’s not just tryna f**k on you, its all cool tho yk det gb a mf.”

In another news….

A Nigerian man identified as Akin has narrated how he caused his ex-girlfriend’s marriage to crash after she played him and stole his properties.

He shared his story online and revealed that he started an affair with his ex three months after he divorced his wife whom he had been with for five years.

According to the 37-year-old man, he was aware that she was married but that did not deter him instead he tried everything possible to make her leave her husband for him. However, in June, Akin traveled to Abuja nd gave his married lover the keys to his house in case she wanted to visit in his absence.

To his utmost surprise, he returned to see that she had emptied his house and fled back to her matrimonial home. He said he saw his properties in his ex-girlfriend’s home when she celebrated her birthday and a mutual friend posted photos n her status.

Akin said his exposed with her husband in the images and he saw his TV set as wellas curtains that used to be in his house hanging. The man said he then reported their love affair to her husband and sent proof to him which led to a separation.

In his words; I was married for 5 years before I got divorced from my wife. Three months later, I started dating one of my exes. Of course, she was married but I didn’t mind because I’ve always wanted to hit since we only dated then without dated then without doing.

Two months into our relationship, I started doing everything to get her divorced so she could be mine again. I had to attend to something in Abuja in June, and as usual, I gave her my house keys in case she needed to come while I was away.

My two weeks trip ended only for me to come back home and met my house completely empty. She carried all my belongings and fled. She celebrated her birthday last month and I stumbled upon her pictures on a mutual friend’s status. She posed with her husband and children with my TV and my curtains behind them. I found her husband’s contact, sent him evidence of our affairs and my stolen properties. They are now separated.