Lady quits job in Dubai, returns home to start poultry business

A young woman has gotten social media users talking after she revealed that she resigned from her job in Dubai, UAE and returned to Uganda to start business.

The lady started a poultry farm after she landed in her motherland and she decided to share the story of her venture into entrepreneurship.

Lady quits Dubai job returns home for poultry business

According to the entrepreneur with handle @violets_farm_ug, although the move was difficult and the journey was challenging, the road to having her own company was worthwhile.

The young lady, full of joy and pride showed off her farm and the birds in the poultry in a video that has gone viral on TikTok. .

Violet wrote: “You quit your job in Dubai to go back home and start poultry farming as a business. It’s not easy but it’s also worth it.”

See the clip HERE

In another news…

A 91-year-old Kenyan man left his home in search of greener pastures when he was in his 40s and he recently returned with one property.

The senior citizen identified as Samuel Machuka who disappeared 50 years ago without family members knowledge of his whereabouts came back with only a walking stick.

When he made a surprising return, it was the Provincial Administration that made it possible for him to be found in Wote, Makueni County. Machuka had been working as a casual laborer on a farm.

Despite having not seen him since he left home in the 1970s, the elderly man was joyfully welcomed by his family in Masabo village, Nyaribari Masaba Kisii, although only a few of his peers could recognize him.

His nephew, Robert Makomba, had previously worked with him in Mau Narok in 1995 before they lost touch due to the absence of communication channels.

Makomba expressed gratitude to the Provincial Administration and noted that as Seventh Day Adventist Christians, they would not hold any rituals, rather, warmly receive Machuka back home.

When asked about his marital status, Machuka said he had three informal marriages, but had no knowledge about the whereabouts of his wives.

Some of his elderly uncles who were still alive, were relieved over his return as they had been searching for him in vain. They also stated their willingness to support him in settling down.

Machuka was offered a portion of the family land to build a house and his relatives said that any woman he had children with in the course of his journey to an unknown destination would be welcomed back home.