Why my feelings for Bishop Oyedepo’s daughter faded – Pastor Adeboye’s son

Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s son, Leke Adeboye, has revealed that he was once emotionally attracted to the daughter of founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, known as Love.

Leke, a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), was recounting the story to Isaac Oyedepo during an episode of his podcast “Confession Box”.

Leke Adeboye Love Oyedepo

The 41-year-old clergyman said as he was having a crush on Oyedepo’s daughter, she was also crushing on his own brother.

He went on to narrate the story of how he proposed to his wife without a ring because it was against the rules of RCCG. According to Leke, he read a scroll to her while promising her that she would never regret marrying him.

Leke Adeboye said on the podcast: “I used to have a crush on your sister, Love, but she was crushing on my brother.”

In other news…

A young woman known as Anike Adejuwon, has shared the blissful story of her courageously going for the man she who is now her boyfriend.

She revealed that she’s always had a crush on him she was a bt skeptical at first, but she decided to damn societal standards and made the first move.

The Nigerian woman slid into his DM and used a sleek method to get his phone number. Anike acted like she wanted him to fill a survey and when he responded positively, she sent a screenshot of the layout of a contact saving area of a mobile device.

That was how she met the love of her life, an act she described as the best decision she ever made in her life. The Skincare enthusiast added that it is the best relationship she has ever been in because he loves her in a selfless manner.

The happy lady also uploaded an email of him affirming his love on their anniversary.

Anike shared images and wrote; “I have always had a crush on him and I was skeptical about shooting my shot but I did anyway. That is the best decision I ever made as it is the best relationship I have ever been in. He loves me so selflessly, showers me with love and warmth and prays for me every day!”