Lady cries out because fiancé gifts her latest iPhones but refuses to set up business for her

A lady has gone online to seek advice regarding her fiancé’s refusal to start a business for her despite endless pleas.

She said they have been dating for five years but he is married to another lady whom he cheated with and impregnated during their courtship.

According to her, she lives with her fiance’s while his wife whom he married because of his parents lives in the village.

The lady lamented that she can not boast of having 5k in her account and her man who is aware of this has refused to start business for her.

She said that all he does is to keep upgrading her phones and she i currently using an iPhone 14 but she wants more than just being able to own the latest phones.

He buys everything for her including toiletries, but each time she talks about being independent he tells her that he knows what he;s doing and he will surprise her.

Surprisingly, she revealed that her fiancee got his wife pregnant again, but she still wants to marry him.

In her words; “What do I do? Good morning… I’m confused. I live with my fiancee thou he is married and kept the girl in the village. We ve been dating for 5 years, he cheated and got the lady pregnant then he had to marry her cos of his parents.. my problem now is that he doesn’t want to set me up on a business.

All he does is update my phone. Like currently I’m using An iPhone 14. I understand that he doesn’t want me to be stressed but I can’t boast of 5k in my acct. He buys everything down to my toiletries. He keeps saying he knows what’s best for me and will surprise me. I don’t know how best to express myself for you to understand me.

I want to have my own money while I wait for things to settle down and we get married.. the other girl went and got pregnant for him again, Like I really don’t know what she wants from him.. that was when he apologize and got this phone.”