Drama as Nigerian man slaps girlfriend over cake-cutting at party (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the shocking moment chaos erupted at a birthday celebration after a man assaulted his lover.

The couple were trying to cut the birthday cake, but it seems the woman was not doing it as well as her man liked and this provoked him to smash the cake on her face.

He proceeded to land a hot slap on her face and one of the guests had to interevene as the matter was about to escalate.

However, the girlfriend who initially held back, decided to retaliate and was able to land a hot slap on her man before the attendees attempted to restrain her.

Watch video below:

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Reacting, _z_o_r_a_h said; Just imagine, cause of common cake?.. Una Dey date weapons fashioned against Una life..

kojismarv; Una Dey face a lot in this your sweet relationship ooo nawa

ennieola___; Where do you ppl jam asinwin boyfriends sef? He no even fear her height😂 not even the knife! Oga o😹

kokoc.black; Sisterhood is proud of you for slapping back🙌😂The guy is sick

scott___4pf; This guy and using assault for contents doesn’t make sense abeg

missmilleyy; That girl was patient and she managed her anger really well. It’s not easy to hold a knife and someone is hitting you like that

ifeoluwablaq; It took that girl a very strong patience to drop that knife before retaliating cus omo

khemyojo; Thank God for the strong ability I have to respond to things with speed.iya ma ti je bobo yi pa.