In case you stop seeing me – Singer Omah Lay shares cryptic post on Instagram

Nigerian singer, Stanley Omah Didia aka Omah Lay has left fans concerned after he dropped a cryptic post about a possible ascension.

He likened himself to an Angel that has wings to fly and urged people not to be worried in case he disappears.

Omay Lay said that if his fans don’t hear from him anymore they should not that he is working on his wings somwhere in preparation for the flight.

He wrote; “Angels are suppose to fly. So when you don’t see or hear from me in a while just know that I’m somewhere working on my wings “

See the post:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has shared a disturbing confession about how she unintentionally caused her father’s death five years ago.

She went online to share her story anonymously as she narrated the criminal act which she committed in 2017.

The lady said that on the fateful day she intended to go and spend the night with her boyfriend but she knew her father would not approve.

She gave him sleeping pills at night just to make him sleep until she returns the next day. Sadly when she went back home in the morning, she found her father’s lifeless body because she had given him overdose.

The lady said she regrets her action and would never forgive herself because she did not mean to cause her father’s death.

She said; “I regret giving my dad sleeping pills In 2017 just to see a guy I was so in love with. Returned the next day to see my dad laying lifeless. It’s a secret I’ll take to my grave and I’ll never forgive myself for it I never meant to kill him. I didn’t mean give him an overdose”