I wish I found love before stardom – Spyro

Budding Nigerian artiste, Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, otherwise called Spyro, has said he regrets not finding love before becoming a celebrity.

The ‘Who’s Your Guy’ hit-maker said it is currently difficult for him to find love because he is unsure which woman genuinely loves him.

I wish I found love before stardom - Spyro

Speaking during an interview with Drip Check, Spyro said: “I wish I had found love before now. As a celebrity, you are scared because you don’t even know who loves you for what you are or who you are.”

When asked to disclose his ideal woman, the musician said: “I am attracted to intelligence. So when I talk to a woman that is not giving me that vibe, I have a big problem with that.”

Furthermore, the 33-year-old entertainer said he has been unlucky in relationships because he always put his career before his relationship.

In similar news…

Nigerian songstress, Ugoccie, has said it is hard for entertainers to find love owing to the general perception people have about them.

According to the budding singer, some people believe that entertainers have everything they need at their beck and call, but the truth is many them actually struggle with finding love.

Ugoccie said; “It is very difficult for entertainers to find love, because people already have a perception of who an entertainer is. They think we have wild lifestyles. It is very difficult for many people to see us for who we really are.”

In response to the challenges she faces at this level of her career, she said; “I don’t like to call them challenges. I believe opportunities can be found in everything that presents itself to me as a challenge. As an entertainer, one major challenge is getting money to fund projects.”