“I was a virgin but my marriage still ended” – Lady says virginity benefits only husbands

A young lady, Thato Jessica has lamented about how she ended up being divorced despite being a virgin when she got married to her husband.

The divorcee stated this on microblogging platform, Twitter as she debated that virginity only benefits the man in a union more than the woman.

She, however, said that her reality does not change the truth that a woman who abstain’s from sexual interaction will maintain her value.

Jessica wrote; “I was a virgin wife and my marriage still ended, let’s be real, virginity benefits the husband more than the wife in many ways.. but we can’t take away the truth that a woman who is abstaining is more likely to maintain her value, be a virgin for yourself and not for a future man.

They use this virginity as a way of shaming women and yet biologically the hymen doesn’t support ‘virgin idea’ only the woman knows if they are a virgin.”

Virgin marriage ended

A Twitter user @motshetshex commented; Man are afraid to date a woman who has been with other many men because they are scared of been shamed by men. They would rather tell women to behave a certain way in order for them to not be shamed. They don’t care about your past, they care about their integrity. Being a…

In reaction @thato_jessica; “Thank you for this! Women need to understand that being married a virgin isn’t for you as the woman… it’s for the man.. problem is society and religion will make you believe that virgin wife = successful/lasting marriage”

Another @nkagisa_ng asked; I hope this is not an offensive question but was your former husband a virgin when you guys got married?

@thato_jessica replied; “Not offensive, I believe he was not… come to think of it, we we’re really taught to disregard a man’s virginity 🤔”

One @Jayden_Tha also asked; How was your character in that marriage. That plays a part as well in staying in the marriage. If your character was horrible, and you only had virginity with you, surely you wouldn’t stay in that marriage.

Virginity benefit kids more than the parents. Why : Pure girls are likely to settle more than the other ones. And a complete home is a heaven for kids.