How UK government punished me for misplacing my British passport twice – Nigerian man

A 68-year-old abroad-returnee, Joseph Ibironke, who recently claimed that he does not know how he found himself in Nigeria, has revealed some of the challenges he experienced abroad.

The Ondo man said he spent nine years in the United Kingdom and 21 years in the United States before he found himself in Nigeria after a strange illness,

According to Joseph, who recently went viral for a radio interview where he said he landed under Oshodi bridge, he had a British passport but lost it.

Man Oshodi bridge 21 years

The abroad-returnee said the first time it happened the UK government replaced it, but he misplaced the passport again and they refused to replace it for him, saying he was careless.

He said; “I misplaced my British passport. I declared it missing and the British Government replaced it, but it went missing again. I went back for the passport and I was told that I was careless with the British property and that it wouldn’t be replaced for me.”

I left Nigeria in the 1980s. If memory serves me right, I was in my 30s when I left Nigeria and that should be between 1983 and 1984. The system in the country was bad and all my friends and I were seeking greener pastures. I left Nigeria for a better life. I spent nine years in London before moving to the United States.”

Joseph, lamenting about being homeless in Nigeria, also expressed the desire to return to USA because he has a family there.

“I intend to go back to the United States but my intention is not to die over there. I just want to live a good life,” he said.