He didn’t want to marry me because I’m a graduate – Woman laments over husband’s infidelity

A Nigerian woman identified simply as Gloria has lamented about her marital woes while sharing what she intends to do about her unfaithful husband.

She said they have been married for five years and the union was great at first but her hubby suddenly began to change in a negative way.

The wife shared her dilemma via Facebook, saying that her husband is a cheat and she is considering getting a divorce. Gloria also said her husband told her that he never intended to marry her because she is a graduate and wants to control him.

She said they have two kids and her husband is a graduate is a high school graduate, but given the current circumstances she is thinking of saving some money and leaving their matrimonial home.

Gloria wrote; “I am five years in marriage and we have two children, I am a graduate and I am working, my husband is a sec school cert and he has hand work but that’s not a problem for me I love my husband, we had a very beautiful beginning and lots of good plans for the future but all of a sudden I noticed that my husband is beginning to cheat on me.

At some point he was apologizing but lately he started telling me that I was not the one he wanted to marry, that I am too wise because I am a graduate I want to control him, so want to mingle with his level.

I was confused and was wondering the things I do that makes him feel that I am controlling him but couldn’t figure out anything.. one day I went to report him to his sister that was when I got to know that the sister has been the one planting the idea of cheating in him, that Igbo people are too wise and this one now is a graduate better look for your level.

Three weeks ago I had misunderstanding with my husband, the following morning I greeted him he said I should stop greeting him up till now he doesn’t talk to me, we are just living like house mates we don’t talk to each other, the fact that he cheats no longer border me because I am working even the children school fees I am the one paying. My plan is to save up money and pack out because he no longer regard me as a person or what do you think I should do? Sorry for the lengthy typing”.