He couldn’t afford OAU tuition – Man celebrates as friend becomes homeowner abroad

A Nigerian life coach, Michael Taiwo has used his friend’s grass to grace story to motivate others to never give up no matter how tough things are.

He revealed that his friend who was struggling when they were in school is now the proud owner of a house abroad.

Taiwo recalled how the guy whose name he did not disclose, could barely afford to pay the school fees at Obafemi Awolowo University, so he had to drop out.

He said the man is now a PhD scientist with two patents and he manages a reputable company. All of which were achieved in 15 years.

Man homeowner abroad OAU

The life coach shared a photo of the beautiful house which the friend sent to him, and emphasised how anybody’s life can change if they start today and listen to the right people.

Taiwo wrote; “A friend sent me this picture of their new home yesterday and I was so close to tears, happy tears. This is someone that almost dropped out of OAU because they couldn’t afford our small school fees.

Now, they are a respected PhD scientist, with two patents and a manager in a reputable company. All within 15 years.

Your life can change. Start today. Start now. Listen to the right voices. Don’t give up on yourself. Take one informed step at a time, and before you know it, you will get there. Book no be scam.

I still remember one time when the going was hard for this individual and I coached them to get the green card via the EB2 NIW route. The rest, as they say, is history now. Don’t give up!”