Drama at restaurant as 3 ladies unknowingly drink bottle of water that costs N5,500 (Watch video)

A group of female friends went to a restaurant and lounge to have a good time but they were stunned after being told the amount a bottle of water they ordered cost.

The waiter informed the Nigerian women that the branded bottle of water they drank is worth N5,500, but they found it amusing.

A video which has gone viral on the internet captures the three ladies having an interaction with the waiter as one of them asked if they could go with the empty bottle.

He told them that leaving with the bottle is permitted, but when they asked him for a nylon to put it inside, he said the restaurant has none, which made it even more shocking to the ladies as they wondered why the water costs over N5k.

The trio burst out laughing because they probably found it hard to believe that they were going to pay that amount for one bottle of water. The lady who was speaking on behalf of the group later put the bottle in her bag.

Watch the video below:

In similar news…

CorrectNG reported months ago that Nigerian lawyer and activist, Modupe ”Moe” Odele took to social media to share the unbelievable bill she received at a restaurant in Lebanon.

She went for lunch at a restaurant in Beirut and when she was done eating, the attendant gave her a bill of 5,335,000 Lebanese pounds.

Moe shared a screenshot of the bill on her Twitter page and it showed that the dollar equivalent of N5.3 million Lebanese pounds was $48.50.

The EndSARS frontline campaigner, however spoke well of the country, noting that they are going through tough economic times.

She wrote; “My lunch bill today was 5.3 million. Peep image for USD equivalent. I talk about Lebanon a lot and anyone who has followed my travels knows that it is a fav. Lebanon is so beautiful but is going through a tough time economically. If you do visit, please endeavor to tip generously. The people are lovely & kind.

If you use Bolt to move around, please disregard the price the app gives you. It is not reflective of the current exchange rate. Ask the driver what they consider fair. No one would cheat you. ps: A good rule of thumb is to pay at least $5 for short trips within Beirut.”

Meanwhile in another news…

Popular actress, Eniola Badmus, recently revealed the amount she buys her clothes, hairs and fashion accessories.

Speaking during a street interview with content creator, Egungun, the movie said disclosed that her wig costs a whopping N700,000.

He asked her to give a breakdown of how much she bought each piece of jewelry, clothing and accessory she was wearing. Eniola said her eyeglasses go for 700 pounds, the necklace which is 22 carat gold costs N400k while the pendant is about N600k.

The Nollywood star said her three wrist bracelets cost N4.6 million in total, while her rings are fro N170k to N300k. Also the two designer arm chains, Van Cleef cost her about 3000 pounds each. Badmus said her Burberry footwear is worth 700 pounds while the bag costs 1500 pounds.