Better than returning in a casket – Man moves back to Nigeria after failed attempt to get rich abroad

A Nigerian man has made a tough but ‘necessary’ decision to return to his homeland after struggling to succeed in a foreign country.

He revealed that he chose to relocate back to Nigeria because his attempt to make money while living abroad did not bear fruits due to serious challenges.

The young man, known on TikTok as @ashuayanick, shared a video on the popular video-sharing platform which captured his trip back.

Man fail to make it abroad

He could be seen at an international airport, pushing a luggage cart loaded with his belongings, and he noted that it is better to go home alive than to return in a casket.

“Going back to dad’s house alive after a failed hustle is better than being back in a casket,” he captioned the clip.

Although he did not reveal the jobs he did and failed at while abroad, his post generated massive reactions.

See the video:

darkflames; My brother I de shame to go back now where I never still make am.

Arch #Pencil; Don’t ever use that word failed, you are a winner bro. many went and never came back alive.

WEALTH; The most important is that ur back to ur papa land bro, many no see way to even go back.

FineSpy GymRat; I am still trying to trying to fight the fear of what people will say, I don’t have this courage yet… it’s well bro u don try.

user5813603903279; I wish my brother taught dis way….he died in the hustle…we didn’t see his corpse. cox he was buried in the jungle. Rip brother.

Mc happy prince; Me am going back alive this December no two ways about it weda money dey e no dey I can’t continue paying for rent without income.