Yahoo Yahoo doesn’t work if you live here – UK-based Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has warned his compatriots traveling abroad that life in the United Kingdom is not a bed of roses or a criminal’s paradise.

He said those who engage in fraud (yahoo yahoo) and even girl that do ‘hookup’ would not be able to do it successfully in UK because the consequences of doing such when caught is very dire.

He said that if they have the desire to live waywardly or questionably like they do in Nigeria then they have a huge shock waiting for them.

The man also sent a message to Nigerian women with a sense of entitlement as he noted that there is nobody who will willingly buy them iPhone, bone straight and other gifts they get from men back home.

According to him, everybody works really hard for their money in the European nation and nobody would easily part with cash.

He also explained that people work for as much as 60 hours and they are still struggling to make ends meet.

Watch him speak below:

Read some comments…

arthurgodbless; Honestly! I’m not interested in going to the UK again. Una talk talk don make me tire for the place self 😤

marcus_udosen; Ive never heard of a nigerian complaining in usa or canada. Its always UK 😂😂😂

dr_omomurewa; I realized it’s boredom that makes you this UK people want to sha do video and talk…unsolicited advice everywhere as if there r not Nigerians that have lived in the UK for decades. Abeg make Una free us 🚶🏽‍♂️

tokoni88; U can never work 60 hours a week n still struggle. OGA rest. I no believe u

nnenna_blinks_; There is nothing like if they catch. Olosho is a hustle in Europe. They even pay taxes If they decide na the kind life they want live. It is possible . But nothing like making money doing the right thing.

Similarly, a Nigerian pastor has warned Yahoo Boys, to desist from their ways or risk facing the wrath of karma.

He issued the warning during a sermon in church, adding that though many do not believe in Karma, it actually exists.

The clergy man said those who are enjoying the proceeds of fraud will one day start enduring suffering that they will not understand.

The man of God said he understands the things of the spirit and he has forseen an unpleasant future for fraudsters.

He also mentioned how some people are audacious enough to even use money gotten through yahoo to train their children. He warned them to be careful because the lavish lifestyle will be short-lived.