Woman queries her son for sending her packing to give way for his new family (Video)

A woman has captured the moment her son was packing her bags in preparation to send her out of his house in the United States.

The mother said her child, who’s married, was kicking her out of his home in order to make room for his family.

In a video recording, she could be seen passively confronting him for choosing to welcome his incoming family over his mother.

She revealed that the man has a baby mama and two kids whom he was expecting to move into his house.

The woman expressed disappointment in her son for choosing to throw her out without considering that she raised him.

She said that she called the police because it was illegal for him to just kick somebody out of the house in that manner.

She wondered the type of child that would treat their own mum in such a demeaning way, but she added that she will leave it all to God.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, olusolajegede.esq.mciarb; This is not strange in America, in fact I guess it’s part of their culture. Mothers kick kids out too. No need making it a prayer point because we don’t have such a culture here, but it’s also not right for mother to insist she must stay with her adult kid who is getting married. Leave the boy alone!

mv_chavhairline; So the wife will be happy??? I laugh! A man that can do this to his own mum is not scary to you???? Dey play 😮

prisca_amakah; Is he throwing her out of his house and renting somewhere else for her or his just throwing her to the street to fed for herself, if he would get a space of her to stay then I don’t see why she’s upset but if he is just throwing her to the street for her to carter for herself then it’s all shades of wrong atleast get a place for her to stay, and I understand the woman has literally spent her life with her son so hence she’s feeling sad the son wants to get separated from her but mothers should understand too that their sons need space and privacy with their wife. It’s well.

ellachandelier; Maybe you should have your own damn place! Y’all cry way too much foul for me 🙄

susy.licious1; He did the right thing. Being his mom doesn’t mean you should be with him always and dictate his life. Give him some space and return to your husband’s house.

victoria_bangura; This son did nothing wrong. She has been living with him since 2016. His girlfriend is pregnant and he asked her to go live with his sister who recently had a baby and is suffering from postpartum. The mom refused and started recording him. The American culture don’t believe in helping you when you have a baby which is sad. If my daughter is suffering from depression ill definitely go help her since my son will be starting his own family.

cynthia_themediator; Enough of this motherhood emotional blackmail, parents should learn to respect the boundaries of their children.

mhizberry111; I don’t support the boy’s attitude but mama your husband’s house or your personal house should be your permanent dwelling place. No matter how good your son’s wife is, there’ll still be tensions in that house just by your presence alone. The love a man has for his wife and mother are different, but when both are in the same space it’ll create room for competition.

zoruzt; This is why you shouldn’t put your life in line to raise a child for retirement purpose.

daughter_of_the_caliphate; Only blacks do this to be honest. He is starting a family. Where should his wife stay. His mum needs to stay on her own. Common lets stop this. Even the bible says a man will leave and cleave unto his wife not his mother will cleave unto him. Me i wont do this. I will even leave before the wife comes. Imagine its just a room. Will his wife n mum sleep in that room with him. He is a good child for caring for his mum till this age as he looks like a full grown man. The mum is manipulative and thats why she filmed it and put it out there.