Woman busted at hospital after faking pregnancy for 9 months and collecting millions from boyfriend (Video)

An African woman has been exposed for faking a pregnancy for nine months to deceive the boyfriend into giving her money.

She was nabbed when she visited the hospital under the guise of going into labour, only for the nurses and midwives to discover that she put clothes under her dress to serve as baby bump.

woman fake pregnancy 9 months

It was gathered that the boyfiend accompanied her to the hospital because he thought she was about to give birth. Also, she was said to have gotten sums running into millions from him claiming they were for medical bills and other essentials.

In a video that has gone viral, the midwives could be heard querying the woman as she knelt on all fours while the rags she used to fake the pregnancy laid out on the bed.

They also revealed that her boyfriend had been waiting outside hoping to meet his newborn baby, not knowing he had been scammed by his girlfriend.

Watch video below:

@slypromax; Na Zimbabwe woman. I date these set of girls tire, different antics everyday.

@Talkati33677603; The boyfriend no dey the same house with her she no dey change clothes abi she no dey bath just fear them shall.

@subysugy; Nah so babe tell me nephew for USA say she carry belle the guy Dey send am money she say she don born, send pics she go internet go comot baby picture, fear some women, even if I be woman but you need to screen them well well

@AdeyeyeFrancis7; No one is wise but are they not living together or didn’t he see her for that 9months or how manage she did that perfectly. The story no clear

@OnanugaOlamile5; I no believe. She no day sleep with her man

@IgbinsPapi; Arghhh na skit?? She forgot know when to stop or something is wrong with her fr?? This gender self.