We married as virgins – 37-yr-old lady finds out after 6 years of marriage that her husband is infertile

A Nigerian lady has revealed that her cousin and husband are having marital problems because she found out he is the reason they’ve been unable bear children.

The narrator known as @ruleyourspace on Twitter said the couple married each other as virgins and they were childless for six years.

The 37-year-old wife said that after visiting hospital to run tests, it was discovered that her husband is infertile and as such cannot impregnate her.

She wishes to have her own children before she hits menopause, so she is wondering whether it would be in order to get a divorce.

The post reads; “I married as a virgin to a virgin. 6 yrs after, childless & several fertility tests showed hubby is infertile. He has low sperm count. He trusts God for a miracle. I want him to get treated. I am 37 & want my own children. We are both church workers. Can l get a divorce?

This is my cousin’s experience. She truly wants the marriage to work but her husband does not want her to mention treatments or hospital. She recently met a man who is a single father with one child that says he wants to marry her. She is conflicted & wants my advice. Tough!

We talked. He was like ‘babes, I have served God all my life. Why will this be happening to me?’ Me: I dont’t know but remember Abraham & Sarah? Remember Job? Sometimes, God lets some trials test us. She is worried about her biological clock while he feels any action doubts God. We learn every day.”