US rapper, Lil Reese buys bike for DJ Univercity for stealing his own when they were kids

American Hip Hop artiste, Lil Reese has reportedly bought a bike for DJ Univercity as retribution for a case of theft during their childhood.

The rapper had apparently stolen DJ Univercity’s original bike when they were kids in the same neighbourhood in South Chicago.

Lil Reese, who denied knowing the Disc Jockey many years ago after he was accused of stealing the bicycle, recently purchased a new one and confessed to committing the offence. He apologised and appealed for forgiveness, saying what he did was just childish misdeameanor.

In a recent interview with Cam Capone News, Lil Reese opened up about how he, King Von and the late Fredo Santana, stole the bike, noting that much of his time in the street began with a petty crime like stealing bikes.

The interviewer recalled a story he heard about DJ Univercity claiming that Reese once stole his bicycle. Though the Chicago rapper denied knowing the DJ, he explained that it’s likely true because he and his friends got into many mischievous acts when they grew up in the South Side Of Chicago.

Reese said; “I used to take nixxas bikes back then… All them nixxas from 63rd, we used to go down on they block and beat them up and take they bikes, real shit. Catch them on the bus and up guns on them and shit. We used to torture them boys.

Fredo was out there with us. Von was out there. T-Roy was out there. A lot of n***as was out there that’s still around. Basically.”

Reacting to the admission of guilt, DJ Univercity wrote on IG; “My grandma gave me that bike @reesemoney300 [red angry face emoji].”