There’s no benefit in dating Nigerian women – Rapper Erigga fumes

Popular rapper, Erigga has asserted that Nigerian women have made the men believe that it is only when they foot bills or send money that they deserve to be loved.

He stated this via his Twitter account while advising young hustling men against getting into a committed relationship if they don’t have their life together.

Erigga, whose tone connoted fury, said Nigerian women think all they need to get the good things of life from a man is to give him loyalty.

Erigga benefit Nigerian women

Furthermore, he noted how a bus conductor gets depressed because he feels that he is incapable of catering to the needs of his babe and she might leave him because of that.

According to Erigga, it is bondage for a struggling guy to date Nigerian women as he will lose a lot more because he gets no benefits from the relationship.

He tweeted: “Nigerian women has programmed us so bad that if we don’t send them money or foot their bills then we do not deserve to be loved or to be treated with respect. Even a bus conductor that is struggling is getting depressed that he can’t provide for His bae or she might leave him..

Nigeria women thinks because she’s loyal to you then that’s all that matters in a relationship while you as the man will go to hell and back to prove your love.

In a nutshell if you are a young guy still trying to Get your lives together, Do not for any reason get into a committed relationship. Its a bondage that you will lose a lot for. Really no benefit been in a relationship as a man 💯…. “