Speed Darlington now charging men N10k to expose women that refuse to visit after collecting money [Video]

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Darlington Okoye also known as Speed Darlington has become an advocate for men scammed by women under false pretense.

He announced in a video that he now charges N10,000 to expose any woman who collects transport money from a guy and refuses to honour the agreement to visit him.

This comes after Speed Darlington called out a married woman for allegedly receiving N2,800 from him and failing to show up at his lodge.

In the video of him advertising his services, the US-based internet sensation, asked men who have lost money to women under similar circumstances and wish for a payback to contact him.

He said such an act of obtaining money under false pretense is fraud, even if the reason for sending the money was because of the man’s need to satisfy his urges.

Akpi as he is fondly called, said any interested man should send N10k to his bank account in Nigeria, share proof of payment, then send her photograph, their chats showing that there was a case of fraud.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile in another news…

Speed Darlington recounted the series of events that led to him calling out the lady for backing out after sending N2,800.

He shared the married woman’s image and identified her as Blessing Victoria Nwachuckwu, alleging that despite sending the money, she failed to show up at his place within the agreed-upon time frame.

The rapper went on to express his disappointment in her actions, suggesting that she had played him for a fool. Speedy also uploaded a screenshot of the receipt confirming the money transfer to Blessing Victoria Nwachuckwu.

According to the artiste, due to her failure to keep her end of the bargain, the transport money had been accrued interest and increased from N2,800 to N3,000.