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Resist sit-at-home organisers – Nnamdi Kanu charges Igbos

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has called on Igbo people to resist those organising and enforcing sit-at-home orders in the south-east.

He said the order for residents to remain at home on specific days throughout the region is “dead and buried” and urged people of the Southeast to welcome the canceling of the sit-at-home.

Kanu made the remark through his lead Counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, while ccondemning those organising the sit-at-home and demanding donations. He said the are fraudsters and charged residents of the Southeast to reject those using his name to dupe people.

A statement by Ejiofor reads: “The Oracle #MNK himself has spoken. Even if it’s hitherto voluntarily observed, our people are advised to critically assess the unquantifiable damages arising therefrom, and wisely welcome this unequivocal pronouncement by #MNK totally canceling any form of sit-at-home, and reject the dangerous tendencies of criminal elements using the revered name of #MNK to dupe the gullible and vulnerable.

“Before it was warships parked at the banks of river Benue and river Niger; then, it was Biafra coming in 150 days; now it is donors for a phantom two weeks sit-at-home palliative. Before you donate, ask yourself, where and places any imaginary sit-at-home was observed.

“Let our people put on their thinking caps, and resist these serial fraudsters whose sole aim is to exploit their undying love for Biafra and #MNK. Biafrans are gifted with wisdom and can no longer be subjects of violent manipulation.”