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FRSC proposes jail-term for drivers who cause road accidents

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has suggested imposing jail terms on drivers responsible for road accidents across the country.

Corps Marshal, Dauda Biu presented this proposal at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday in response to recent avoidable crashes in Oyo, Kano and Kaduna states.

He said the FRSC has urged all state governments to prosecute these drivers rigorously for violating road laws, adding that there is a need for stringent penalties, including jail terms without the option of fines, to deter reckless driving.

The Corps Marshal said; “We have written to all state governors to help prosecute drivers that are causing road crashes. We have received a letter from the Kaduna State government of its commitment to prosecute these drivers. We hope that other states will follow suit in directing their commissioners of justice or police so that the drivers who indulge or violate road rules are prosecuted.

‘In fact, we are advocating for a jail term without an option of fine so that by the time we have 50 jailed drivers, everyone will take caution. It is a collective effort.”

Furthermore, Biu said the Corps was intensifying collaboration with the judiciary across all 36 states to expedite the trial of drivers involved in road accidents.

According to the FRSC boss, that all offenders will face legal consequences to deter others from driving recklessly.

He said; “Corps is already deepening ongoing collaboration with the judiciary across the 36 federation states for speedy trial of drivers involved in road traffic crashes.

“As such, all drivers and vehicle owners who cause crashes on the roads will face the wrath of the law, and this will serve as a deterrent to others who are recalcitrant and drive dangerously or recklessly on the road.”