Rapper, Elajoe says Hip Hop paved way for Afrobeats

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Tochukwu Nwosu popularly known as Elajoe, has said that Hip Hop paved the way for the buzzing genre, Afrobeats.

He made the comment in a recent interview, while pointing out that superstars like Wizkid started their careers in rap before switching to singing.

The ex-member of Trybesmen, dismissed the assertion that rap is dead, saying it is one of the biggest genres. Elajoe suggested that Nigeria sets up a structure around Hip Hop and organise more programmes to become relevant.

Elajoe rap pave way for afrobeats

The rapper said he listened to a variety of music while growing up such as; Highlife, Jazz and Afrobeats around the 60s.

He said; “I grew up in a family that was music-inclined. Though my parents were not practitioners, my dad was a music enthusiast. I grew up listening to a wide range of music, such as jazz, highlife, and even afrobeat from the 1960s.”

He said; “Rap is not dying. Rather, it is rising. Many top Nigerian artistes, such as Wizkid, started their careers with rap music. Many people love rap music and it has an audience. We just need structure and more programmes, such as award shows, and rap festivals.

We also need an award ceremony dedicated to hip hop. Many countries have celebrated hip hop at 50, but Nigeria has done nothing in that regard. We should also be relevant in the global scheme of things. Rap is one of the biggest genres of music.”

Speaking on the most memorable moment of his career, Elajoe said; “I have been blessed to have memorable moments, such as being nominated for the Amen Award back in the day. One of the best moments was also when I was given the privilege to eulogise and present an award to an American hip hop star, Nasir Jones, aka Nas.

“Another memorable moment was during my time as the first music director of Big Brother Nigeria. I used that platform to promote hip hop.”