Neo is the reason fans have not been seeing me – Beauty reveals

Reality TV star, Beauty Tukura has opened up on why her fans have not been seeing that much of her in public and on social media.

The former Miss Nigeria took to her Snapchat story and shared a video of her boyfriend, Neo Akpofure, saying he is the reason she has been off the media space.

Neo is the reason the public isn't seeing me often - Beauty

Neo, who was without a shirt on in the clip, could be seen smiling from cheek to cheek as his girlfriend filmed him.

Beauty wrote; “This is why y’all ain’t seeing me.”

See the video:

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gluvswt; Is it that neo and beauty don’t have anything to post again apart from PDA. becoming boring and irritating pls

missbee570; If you open kolo head now na only ashawo men’s preek dey inside😂😂😂

berdeeyat; pweety_chioma27; Baby girl badly wanted that moment her fans thought she never needed😂 old preek don taya her

stephanieshirumun; The ship is mine FC’s won’t like this ooooooo. I here here for my beauty.

mhiscute; I’m happy this housemates are now trying to be happy and building relationships instead of chasing fame and clout up and down…love is a beautiful thing you know🔥🔥

nomakhosisenda; When is our wedding Neo promised the wedding this year as he’s turning 30yrs ❤️❤️❤️

rhodawoart; So handsome. My beautiful couple will continue giving haters headaches.

shy_girl_gifty; Tears from that other ship in 3,2,1 cause those ones swear everybody in a relationship from bbn is copying them 🤡🤡🤡

u.nforgettwble_; This one don forget brand building 🌚Neo her trophy 😂 without this ship she’s irrelevant 🥴

tee_jenn; Thank you God ,miserable people can finally leave Shella alone 🙏🏻

missbee570; Its giving forced, this just use her catch cruise😂

kinginvoiz; Shey na halogen Dey this one mouth like this 😂

adem.i7398; They should keep it privately ooo before evil eyes jinx this relationship for us.😍

___q.ese; Am happy as beauty fans have left shella trolling to be defending their ship in all blogs. Now y’all know how it feels 😂😂😂😂