Nigerian woman gives epic reply to son talking about desire to marry single mother

A Nigerian man has shared the response he got from his mother when he brought up the topic of settling down with a single mum.

Twitter influencer, @jon_d_doe, had challenged tweeps to as their mums if they would support their unions with single mums and post the responses.

One guy known as @vicky_wisest asked his mum the question as suggested and she gave him a hilarious reply that also served as warning.

She sent stickers to him on WhatsApp which showed an angry face of actor Pete Edochie as well as TikTok star looking shocked.

The young man shared a screenshot of their chat with the caption; “Imagine how she responded to me.”

While answering questions from netizens, he explained that he is the person who taught her how to use stickers on WhatsApp.

“I thought her how to use stickers, now she used it accurately for me,” Vicky West said.

Read the conversation:

Meanwhile, a Kenyan man has been left with a broken heart after his girlfriend, who is a single mother, broke up with him when she found another guy.

He met the lady in 2020 and while they were dating, she got pregnant for another man, but he decided to take car of both mother and child.

The man said his girlfriend was schooling at the time and he took care of her in different ways except paying her school fees.

However, last Thursday, he called her around 10pm and noticed that she was with a man in an unknown location.

According to him, she denied knowing who he was and cut the call so he called her three times but she refused to pick.

He said she later sent a breakup text to him and thanked him for the care and support. She wished him the best in his endeavours

The heartbroken man shared his story with an Influencer who reposted it on social media.

His words; We first met with in 2020, we fell in love together. She was joining campus then at corona times after some few months she told me she was pregnant 4 months pregnant but she was pregnant for another man.

She gave birth on May 2021 and we have been together since then, she got a baby girl. I have been providing for her while schooling but not paying fees. Last week after we met early in the month. I called her at around @10 pm on Thursday, she picked the phone then she answered ‘I don’t know you’.

She was with other man, I called thrice but she denied she don’t know me while beside a man. Below is the text she text. give me some advice’s. this the time she was going for attachment somewhere I don’t know what has happened.