Native doctor uncovers ‘juju’ buried in school after students complained of ‘spirit’

A traditionalist has come to the rescue of students at Phalakgoro High School in South Africa who often complain of weird occurrences at night.

He was invited to the school located in Khureng, Zebediela, Limpopo after students claimed they always see an old man believed to be a spirit calling out to them.

The victims narrated to the school authorities that the strange elderly man positioned himself inside the restroom and calls out their names, but when the kids try to reply him, they pass out.

The traditionalist conducted some cleansing incantations and found items that were buried somewhere in the school compound.

Among the things he found includes a hand clutching a pen which was later exhumes, the head of a dead chicken, eggs and calabash.

South Africans, however expressed doubt about the authenticity of the native doctor’s find.

@KLouw15; Sangomas and lies, yerrrr, Eggs nice and fresh after being buried underground, chicken head looks like it was buried earlier in the day or quickly placed there.

@MakhZep49775144; I can tell you, the traditional healer buried this and later claimed to have snuiffed them out

@Brusca101; This is simple to justify, call other three Sangoma from different provinces, and they must just identify where the other Sangoma has find those stuff, you will see this thing of Sangoma is just a scam. There’s nothing real about Sangoma and inyangas. Niks.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has shared testimony in church about breaking free from her lover who was using her for ritual purposes.

She said he always pampers her like a baby and gives her baby treatment but she did not realise that he was doing all that just to use her.

According to the young lady, who was speaking during deliverance service in church, whenever she wakes up in the morning, he will cook and serve her sumptuous meals.

She added that he washes her under garments before she wakes up, and even bathes her joyfully while insisting on throwing away the bathe water himself.

However, it turned out that she discovered he would take her bathe water to an unknown place and use it to do money rituals.