Man set to marry next year suspends wedding after watching Emeka Ike’s divorce interview

A Nigerian man has announced that after watching actor Emeka Ike’s interview about his post-divorce woes, he is suspending his wedding plans three months before D-Day.

Emeka Ike, who appeared as a guest on Rubbin Minds, narrated how his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma made him lose all his properties and access to his kids.

She had filed for divorce at a Lagos court and stated that being a victim of domestic violence was the major reason she wanted a dissolution of the marriage.

In a post via Twitter, a guy known as Bright revealed that his own wedding which is slated to hold in March 2024, but in light of recent development he decided to put it on hold.

He wrote; “My wedding is march next year, but after watching this Emeka Ike interview for four times, I’m putting it on hold!

That word “investing in someone who isn’t investing in you,” “Loving someone you don’t know if you’re being loved in return,” is enough for me”

A Twitter user @ObidientsWorld opined; You never ready to marry. Period.

But Bright replied; Yeah, since it was you that fix the date and have been paying foe the wedding arrangements I guess…

@jeremiadetunji said; Why use Emeka Ike’s marital standard to decide on yours? Are you not proud of your parents’ marital standard? If no, none in your entire family that succeeded in weathering marital storms?

In response, the man saidl You asked me why I used Emeka Ike’s marital standard to decide mine, and yet you still want me to use my parents’ marital standard? Help me digest that please…

Another user @grtinho said; People are saying he doesn’t love her or never planned on marrying her or he gets easily influenced by other people don’t realize it could take someone saying something for your eyes to open and see the bigger picture. Someone who isn’t investing you would easily leave you

Bright responded; 95% of those ranting are ladies… They out of sentiments refused to see beyond why I chose to put my wedding on hold… I am the one wearing the shoes.