I am still alive – Content creator says after burying himself for 23 hours

A Nigerian content creator, Young C, who buried himself alive on Wednesday with the aim of spending 24 hours in a coffin, has given an update on his challenge.

He revealed in a viral video shared through his Instagram page on Thursday that he is still alive 23 hours inside the coffin which he stocked with some supplies.

I’m still alive - Content creator says after burying himself for 23 hours

The man equipped and fitted the wooden box with a pillow, a hand fan, bedsheets, a power bank camera, and two light bulbs, and live-streamed his stay underground via his YouTube channel.

In the video, Young C said while panting that he is still alive; “I am still fine, I am okay. A lot of you might think something has happened, but nothing has happened, I am fine. My problem is just that I have run out of water, I might be forced to drink this (my urine). Guys, I am fine”.

But his page has now been deactivated by Instagram for violating the video and photo-sharing platforms terms of usage for account owners.

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In a post on Wednesday night, the YouTuber revealed that he had been buried for over 8 hours and was experiencing physical discomfort, including excessive sweating but expressed his determination to complete the challenge.

He was using the small rechargeable fan with him, but expressed worry about the bulbs and fan battery going dead because he forgot to carry charger.

“Guys, I have been buried alive for over 8 hours now. For those of you who saw my first video, I have been down here. As you can see, my camera is still rolling, and I have my light down there, I am sweating, guys,” Young C said.