The luckiest men on earth are those who married women that love cooking – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man identified as Nelson Igboke, has spoken about the joy and satisfaction that comes to a man whose wife knows how to cook.

He took to his Facebook page and said a man that marries a woman whose hobby is cooking, is one of the the luckiest people on earth.

The man who stirred mixed reactions with his statement, emphasised that a wife who cooks and loves it ,is more priceless than a career woman.

Nelson wrote; “One of the luckiest man on earth is one who marries a woman whose hobby is cooking! She is more priceless than a career woman. I say make I tell una.”

The luckiest men on earth are those who married women that love cooking - Nigerian man

In other news…

A young lady has opined that it does not require any extraordinary behaviour or effort for a woman seeking marriage, to settle down with any Nigerian man.

The feminist known on Twitter as @DWhytewolf said all the woman has to do for a man to propose is to engage in modest activities, like dressing decently, not wearing makeup and cooking for him.

She also listed avoidance of drinking and smoking, as well as refusal to argue with him, as the other ways single ladies can use to deceive men into marrying them.

In her words; “It’s so easy to deceive Nigerian men.. when you’re ready to marry. Start dressing modest. Reduce make up. Cook. Be gentle, don’t argue too much. Stay home a lot. Don’t be on social media. Don’t drink or smoke. I swear you’ll deceive any of them that you are good. Lmao gullible lot.

“For those who don’t get it and are saying all sorts, I do not consider the listed things a mark of a good woman. Not in the slightest. The point is, men do, and hence you’ve given the blue print to the women who would use it to deceive you. Say what you may, it’s the truth.”

Her post went viral on the microblogging platform and led to a serious debate between male folks and women in the comment section.

@dr_chidieke asked; For how long would the pretence continue though?

@DWhytewolf replied; Till she says I do, then he sees he made the wrong choice by judging a book by its cover. And Nigerian men , for the most part, like to judge by the cover.. Nigerians rly in general and that is what makes it easy to deceive ppl.