Man living in girlfriend’s house protests as she kicks him out after quarrel (Watch video)

A Kenyan man found himself being rendered homeless after having a couple’s quarrel with his girlfriend who accommodated him in her apartment.

She ordered him to leave her apartment after they quarreled over a yet-to-be ascertained matter, but he protested.

The man had moved in with her after dating for sometime, so he got comfortable and never bothered about getting his own apartment.

In a video he recorded and shared online, she could be seen telling him to carry his things and leave her house, but he was pleading with her to not take such extreme action.

There was a back and forth exchange between the man and his babe, but she seemed to have made up her mind for him to pack out.

After all her attempts to make him leave willingly proved abortive, the girlfriend grabbed him by his jeans and pulled him out of the room.

The clip which has gone viral on social meda stirred mixed reactions with netizens giving their two cents on the complexities of such a situation.

Watch the video below:

@omwambaKE; I have watched this video with a lot of Mixed feelings and all I can say is that,,,

@LilKoima; Never move into a Woman’s house. LEARN!

@franciskisiara; Other than the embarrassment, “you’ve” just been given the biggest motivation you’ll ever need in life young man.

@carcoverkenya; Where is this guy right now? Do you have his contacts, we would love to have a sit down with him.

@AchiengRabach; Now, I don’t mean to invalidate the girl and she has every right to do whatever she’s doing. However, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, I feel like human decency and courtesy should always be upheld. Perhaps communicate in a respectful manner. But hey, what do I know!

@Unbwogable; It’s stupid to stay at your girlfriend’s. What’s being a man for? She should call the cops on him asap.