Man kicked out of his home by police after his wife secretly filed for divorce (Watch video)

An African American has revealed that he’s been evicted from his family house after his wife allegedly filed a false abuse claim in court in order to initiate a divorce.

He said his wife tried to get sole ownership of their joint home which is why she approached the court and claimed that he was abusing her which was why she wanted a divorce.

According to Pennsylvania-based man, it was all a well planned scheme by her to get an advantage over the properties they own using false pretenses.

He shared a video which showed when police officers came to the house to enforce the court order for him to vacate the house.

The distraught man lamented about how she exploited a loophole in the system to rip him out of what he owns, and he did not see it coming because she did it all in secret until the day police showed up at his home.

He suggested that men in similar situations should come together to find a way and ensure that women are not continually empowered by law to cheat their partners like in his case.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile in another news…

A woman has lamented bitterly after making what she thought was a sound financial decision which turned around to affect her negatively.

She said she fixed all her assets and properties in her brother’s name, but his wife recently filed for divorce and demanded half.

According to the woman, who wrote to Ugandan financial advisor, Ssalongo Ssali, she had been saving and acquiring properties without informing her husband. The mother of three bought plots of land, motorcycles for business, started a rental company and registered everything under her brother’s name.

She did that in case her husband tries to divorce her, unfortunately, her brothers’s wife who is aware that she fixed her assets in his name still wants half of the properties in the divorce settlement.

The distraught woman has asked for advise on what to do now that her sister-in-law with to kids wants to claim her properties through the divorce.

In her words; “I am a married woman and a mother of 3 kids. My husband is financially well off. I am working at my professional job and he left me with full authority and freedom to manage my finances as i wish.

I have saved and by God’s grace, i have secretly accumulated a number of property including rentals, various plots of land, taxis for business etc. To be honest, i registered most of my property into my brother’s names with fear that in case my husband divorces me, i have all my property and i move on.

Unfortunately my brother’s wife of 2 kids has recently filed for divorce and wants more than half of his property and fortune. To make matters worse, she is aware of all property registered in her husband’s names including my investments! And she’s very serious with divorce and property sharing! I really regret why i did this! How can i save my investments? Advise me.”