Man gives girlfriend N500k to cook dinner after she mistakenly burnt breakfast (Video)

A Nigerian lady has revealed how her boyfriend sent the sum of N500,000 for her to cook food for herself.

She went online and showed off the credit alert while narrating how it was meant as replacement for the noodles she burnt while cooking.

The young woman shared a video which captured screengrabs of their chat where he asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner and she told him that she had no idea.

The girlfiend then confessed that the noodles she tried cooking in the morning got burnt because she was operating her phone and forgot.

Without much delay, her man immediately sent 500,000 naira to her account and told her to prepare another noodles for herself.

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God will punish you people 😒; 2 h11 likesReply

thoyin_03; 500k for noodles money Awon alagbako

vicdano22; Boyfriend and girlfriend can’t even write simple English 😂😂😂 Where e see 500k?😂

d_realsparkamani; Because uner nor get better bf uner dey vex 😂. He fit be say he just wan dash her money . So its nothing . Make uner continue dey cry for comment section lol

Similarly, a man played a TikTok challenge with his babe and made her feel over the moon when he surprised her with two lovely gifts.

He gave his babe an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a 100 dollar bill as early Christmas presents even though he made her choose one.

The challenge entails writing two different special items or fun-filled activity on a stick-it note and asking ones partner to pick any of the notes though the front would be hidden from them.

In a video circulating online, he wrote $100 on one note and iPhone 13 Pro Max on the other, before asking her to select one.

She almost picked the iPhone 13 but her man held firmly to it and asked her to choose wisely, so she went for the other. When the removed the note that had $100 written on it she was excited.

So he gave her a 100 dollar bill, however, he showed her the other paper and when she realised that it was iPhone 13 Pro Max, her facial expression changed.

Fortunately for the girl, her boyfriend had already bought the smartphone so he brought it out and gave it to her in addition to the $100 she received earlier. She grabbed the phone with so much excitement and eagerness that it fell out of his hands.

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