Nigerian lady in search of man she gave wrong number while traveling to UK

A Nigerian lady identified as Ada, has commenced the search of a man known as Michael, whom she accidentally gave an incorrect phone number to when they met at the Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport, Abuja.

She revealed that they were both traveling to the Turkey on 1st of July but she was connecting to the United Kingdom from there while he was going to Ankara.

According to Ada, she gave him her UK number and was waiting for his call but it never came, so she crosschecked and realised that she made the error of inputing +440 dialing code instead of +44.

She said that she really likes Michael and he may have thought that she intentionally gave him a wrong number. The young lady called out to him online asking that he should either try the number with the correct code or contact he through her email which she provided.

Ada wrote; “Hi guys, i met a guy (Michael) at Abuja airport 2 weeks ago(1st July,23). We both flew to Turkey. I was on my way to the UK & he was going to Ankara Turkey. He requested for my number and i gave him my UK number. I have been expecting his call/message for 2 weeks now but …

i got none. I just realised now that there is a mix up in the number i gave him. I added +440 (and my number), instead of removing the “0”. It would have been +447…. (my number, without a Zero).

Just like when you want to call a Nigerian number from overseas you dial… You dial +23480…, without putting “080”. Because he doesn’t stay in the UK his mind may not tell him to removed the Z. He might even assume i gave him a wrong number, which I didn’t.

We had a few minutes conversation and we had a connection… I really like him. Michael if you’re here i’ll really appreciate if you take off the zero after “44” and call/text me, or send me a mail.”

In similar news…

A Nigerian man recently launched a search for a husband on his girlfriend’s behalf, but without her knowledge.

He decided to help her get a man who will marry her because all her friends are settling down and he’s not financially ready even though she’s done a lot for him.

The boyfriend outlined her qualities and mentioned the type of man who would be good for her, and said they can make the marriage plans together as men without informing her. He said the eligible person should be between 28 and 32 years old and must be comfortable enough to take care of his girlfriend who will turn 25 this year.

In his words; Good Morning, I’m in search of a husband for my girlfriend, She has really tried for me, she loves with all her heart and is shy or scared of other guys cause of what guys do, so mingling is hard for her.

She’s a graduate of a medical course. She’ll be 25 this year. I’m doing this cause almost all her friends are getting married and I don’t know if I’ll get money to marry her. I’ve tried with all my power to raise money but I don’t know if I’ll be able to raise money. I’m a graduate too. Pls I need a good husband for her, even if it hurts to set her free cause she’s a very wonderful person.

Pls be a working class man between 28-32. You have to be comfortable cause I don’t want her to suffer as she has suffered already with me. I feel sad everyday as I go out there and come back with little money. And you know women don’t have time on their side. It hurts everyday and I want her to be in a happy place.

She has a good height too. She’s not aware of what I’m doing. If you’re ready we can plan it well, I’ll break up with her harshly, then you stop her on the way to console her. Pls be a serious man that is ready to settle down, I promise not to ever call her while you’re with her. If you’re ready to settle down this year please look for a way to contact me so we fix the plan well. I want her to rejoice too and be happy as I’ve been unable to raise money after toiling day and night.