Jason Njoku vows never to live in Europe again after being racially profiled with wife at airport

Chief Executive Officer of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku has shared the racism he and his wife, Mary Remmy-Njoku suffered in Italy.

According to the businessman, they traveled vacation to Venice, Italy for vacation but were recially profiled at the airport.

He said Immigration officials asked he and wife for their return ticket to know when they will be returning to their country because there is an assumption that most black people come to Italy to hustle or work.

Njoku said they explained to gave their first-class tickets to the officials and asked them whether they look like people who came to hustle.

The media mogul who shared their ordeal via Twitter vowed that he will never live in Europe again after the racial profiling.

Njoku wrote; “@MrsMaryNjoku & I flew to Venice in March. Immigration asked for our return tix. Not how long are we staying o? But can they see our return tix? We burst out laughing. Immigration was [sad]. Said it’s a ‘normal question’. Gave them our 1st class boarding tix, and asked them do we look like people here to hustle?

We’re staying at St Regis &are here for 3 nights. They let us through. No need for showing any tix again. Walahi I personally can NEVER live in Europe again. We just need a strong [Nigeria]. But we all know it’s increasingly getting worst.”

In other news, young woman identified as Emmanuella Adewale said that she is pregnant for a man who is 30 years older than her and he wants to take her abroad.

She stated that he wants to get her a house and a job after moving her to a foreign country, but her worry is that her parents would not approve.

The 23-year-old took to a Facebook relationship group to speak on how confused she is and noted that she does not know whether to keep the child.

Emmanuella wrote; “Please I need advice. So I am a 23 year old female, I am pregnant for someone who is 30 years older than me a divorcee though.

He loves me does not hesitate to show me off to the world. I found out I was pregnant Monday I told him all he started saying was iya ibeji.

He checks up on me every day to know how I am feeling. His plans is to move me abroad get a house for me and a job. But I am confused if I should keep the child I am scared of my parents especially my dad. But I really want to keep this child. I don’t mind what comes after but I want to keep this child safe.”