I’m ready to dump acting if I find husband – Actress Aisha Jogana

Popular Kannywood actress, Aisha Muhammed Jogana, has said she is ready to quit acting for marriage.

She made the statement during an interview, adding that she is currently in a relationship with someone in the industry.

The movie star said; “I am seriously in a relationship with someone who is equally in the industry. I am ever ready to leave acting for marriage at any point in time.”

Speaking on whether her parents opposed her decision to venture into acting, Aisha said;

“Indeed, I faced serious resistance from my family. It was then that I learnt that the industry has been perceived differently by different people. It took me time to convince my family to allow me try my luck in acting. After serious persuasions and providing convincing reasons, my family gave their consent, but it wasn’t easy.

“They were all based on misconception and ill-informed concocted stories created to dent the image of operators and the film industry. The good thing is that I was able to change all those ill-conceived notions barely few days into my joining the industry as an actress. Many failed to take acting as a profession and as such they also failed to see the operators as people earning lawful earnings.”

When asked if she regrets joining Kannywood, the actress said; “Honestly, I do not have any regret being an actress. To me, acting is just like any other profession or career; it is a legal avenue of earning a living.”

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