I didn’t want to write ‘Joromi’ but it turned out to be a hit – Simi

Nigerian singer, Simisola Kosoko, professionally known as Simi, has revealed that she was not keen about writing her 2017 hit song ‘Joromi’.

She disclosed this during an interview with CNN, explaining that she wasn’t a fan of the song at the time she wrote it, and even penned the lyrics with irritation.

The mother of one said there are numerous songs she wrote within a deadline which turned out to be successful and Joromi was one of them.

I didn't want to write ‘Joromi’ but it turned out to be a hit - Simi

Simi said at the time, she thought she had finished writing the songs for the album, but the team sent the beat to her and she needed to write a song for it.

The songstress emphasised that though she was irritated while writing the song years ago, she is now glad she did. The music video for “Joromi” has now been viewed 19 million times on YouTube.

Simi said: “Sometimes I don’t have any inspiration but I have a deadline. I don’t really like those, because you know you have to force it to come. And I’m not craazy about those. I’ve made really great songs from those. ‘Joromi’ was one of those.

“’Joromi’ was a deadline song. I was even done. They sent me a beat and I was like I’m done writing. I wrote like five different songs on that beat that I didn’t like and then ‘Joromi’ came but it was like a deadline song. I didn’t even want to write the song. I was just irritated. But I’m glad that I did.”

Meanwhile, in another news…

CorrectNG reported last month that music star, Simi said her voice is incredibly distinct, and it is the first thing people observe about her songs.

She made this remark in a lengthy post on Twitter while giving further response to fans who advised her to change her sound and style of music.

Simi explained that some people love her songs more than her voice because although she is a fantastic songwriter, they think her voice is too piercing.

She said; “I know some of you honestly struggle and don’t know why, so let me help you. My voice is so, so incredibly distinct. It’s in your face. It’s beautiful and sweet and soft, but it can be piercing and in your face. It doesn’t melt and get lost in a beat like most voices do. So regardless of what style or tempo of music I’m singing on, the first thing you’ll notice about my song is my voice. Not the beat. This is what the majority of people love the most about me – the piercing nature of my voice.

So they love everything I sing on. Some people love my songs more than my voice, because let’s face it, I’m a fantastic songwriter…but for them, my voice is too piercing sometimes and gets in the way. For some, because of how my voice stands out, it sounds like they’re hearing the same kind of music – even when they’re listening to me sing 5 diff genres back to back.”