I’m 30 without a husband and child – Nigerian lady floods her room with tears (Video)

A Nigerian lady has been seen in a video crying over her relationship status, saying that she is 30 years old and yet to find a husband.

The young woman lamented over not having a child or family at her age and decided to share her woes with social media.

In the video which has gone viral, her face was full of tears as she noted that she has been listening to an emotional song which hit her hard.

“I’ve been listening to this song but this one hits me so hard. 30 years old, no husband, no child, no family yet,” she captioned.

See the video below:

Reacting, anikefestival; When there is life, there is hope. Thank God for your life. You’re not alone. If people who get everything shares what they’re passing through. Quick quick you’ll wipe your tears. It’s well

t_choco; You never tell us watin you been they do for the early years oh. No be to carry catarrh block our screen because you go explain explain tire no evidence!!!

saralin55; So you know say you no dey alone..and you dey cry like person way no get hope…common girl get a life

diaryofacanadianmum; Work on yourself. All this no husband no husband. That’s not how it works. Although I’m married I can tell you categorically that there’s much more to life and you can find love at anytime. Get busy with your mind and your hands and stop doing silly tik toks

oladele6918; O boy you fuck up ……. The empathy you are looking for you won’t find it,you know say Nigerians get bad mouth

nuhjac; Some you women don’t know what you want. That’s the problem. God may have directed one your way but you missed it cause of your own will.

kenitill; Somebody that is supposed to be turning up in Dubai or Bali in their spare time. Live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy and that happiness will attract the right people. When the husband and kids come, you may not even have this available time you have to go on the internet and cry.