I’ll never like Alex even in the next 100 years – CeeC [Video]

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Cynthia Nwadiora also known as CeeC has openly admitted that she does not like her colleague, Alex.

The actress said that she won’t ever like Alex or have anything to do with her even in the next 100 years, because he has seen that she’s still the same person she was in 2018.

Alex and CeeC often clashed during their first time on the reality show, in the edition titled ‘Double Wahala’, which held five years ago.

CeeC was having a conversation with Adekunle on Friday morning when she said that she observed how Alex is deliberately trying to provoke her to anger, despite the fact that it’s been several years since they had any issues.

According to the Enugu-born entrepreneur, she thinks that the anti-bullying activist might have been groomed by her team to stir drama in the house.

CeeC said; “As far as I’m concerned, there’s one thing I’m very sure of I don’t like her [Alex]. I don’t think i’d ever like her even in the next 100years, I’ll still not like her and won’t fxxk with her.

I’ve seen that she is still the same person that she was in 2018 and I am not even confused about anything. Unfortunately I noticed that maybe her team has sat her down to tell her to stir rivalry. Alex is someone who just thinks that she can make my life uncomfortable.

The thing is that you forgot that It doesn’t always work, it works for one person and the other person will keep losing, it’s simple.”

Watch her speak below:

In reaction, cindynokha said; You don’t Like Alex yet you faked a hug and smile on the first day(you could have just walked passed her, because that is the actual maturity and owning up to the exaggerated beef since 2018 with your full chest, since you are yet to heal)😂😂😂! Grow up girl!!! You too dey tight chest

glor.official; Ceec talk ur talk dats d same way Alex is still talking about u to others house mate for dem to see tins her way. Alex really wants to b Ceec arrival dis yr pls don’t give her free scholarship. Omo i can’t wait to punish u with vote.

darrmee_; Alaye shut up jor 😂😂 now she’s talking about Alex, later her fans would say Alex won’t keep ceec’s name out of her mouth. But look at who can’t keep Alex name out of her mouth😂😆Hypocrites!!!

ellaokorie; Alex pretend alot and knows how to get on Ceece because Ceece react to things easily so people sees her as the bad one. This is reality show Nigerians stop being Emotional to this show. Without all this no realityshow.

drtj__; Lmao cecee … wait you think Adekunle is better than Alex? E never deal with you yet.. you will soon know that the devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t 😂

keepupwithbright; Let’s not pretend tho,Ceec and Alex can never be cool..Alex should just stay out of ceec way.