Patoranking finally explains meaning of his lyrics ‘Na my mama baff me’

Nigerian dancehall star, Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, popularly called Patoranking, has finally taken time to break down a part of his smash hit song, ‘Celebrate Me’.

A social media troll @ZaysZib pulled out a part of the lyrics which read; “Na my mama na ihm baff me” and suggested that it is a ridiculous line.

Patoranking na my mama baff me

She asked users on Twitter (X) if he really said what she heard on the track because it is normal for peoples mothers to bath them as growing children.

“Did Patoranking really said “Na my mama na him baff me” Let’s have it !!!! What is the most ridiculous Nigeria music lyrics you’ve ever heard as a Nigerian?” she wrote.

In reaction, Patoranking disclosed that it is a street slang which means he is a true song of his mother. He said it would be better if she were to ask inquire such from him in the future so he can give the meaning.

The Alubarika crooner wrote; “Next time ask so I can help you out…it’s simply means “ I’m a true son of my mother” ghetto slangs 😉”

Reacting, a user @J_Onwu said; Who suppose baff you before? Allow these these social media activists wey Dey mis yarn

@cholay237; Aside the fact that it’s a slang, it’s a thing to thankGod for, some people didn’t have the privilege to be bathed by their mum. For someone who lost his/her mum in the process of birthing him/her, na someone else got the bath am o.

@flowfemmy; Simple question ooo. But no, one aunty wey no know anything one blast for X.Olodo. Street no be ur mate. My mama na him baff me.

@MarcdeeBlack; What is “Did Patoranking really said..”? And Pato, you sef… You dey reply anything

@akumdotcom; This one no be My problem. My own na why are you so underrated?

@itzpetkoff; Patooo is who he says he is. World Best… My favourite will alway be Alubarika and Another Level

@ademolaart; ur music has been a breath of fresh air, transporting us back to the iconic vibes of Bob Marley’s reggae legacy! ur unique sound and soulful voice have filled the void, reminding us of the legendary artist’s impact. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world

@olasubomi_28; Let Dem know my preacher @patorankingfire preacher appreciating mother’s love isn’t clear to some of them but instead of them to sit down and understand the chemistry instead they’ll chase clout you for no reply them my preacher.