Many single ladies are in love with men that won’t marry them – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Lead Pastor, David’s Christian Centre, Kingsley Okonkwo has asserted that a lot of single ladies are in love with people that would not marry them.

The relationship and life coach stated this in a post on Tuesday, while noting that these ladies give negative and unavailable vibes to the guys that want them, thereby prolonging their spinsterhood.

He said no amount of fasting or prayer will get them the man they desire if they do not start showing interest and responding to chats.

Okonkwo said; “A lot of single ladies are in love with someone that won’t marry them. And by that, they are giving negative & “unavailable” vibes to the guys that want them thereby prolonging their singleness.

“I know most of you are dreaming of marrying your favorite single worship minister or preacher but reality is that he will marry ONLY ONE woman.

“No amount of fasting, desire or prayer will change that, I encourage you to start showing interest and answering the chats of the brothers around you.

“I just said I should tell you…..oh and please why is your page private again…I thought you are single and searching not single and hiding.”

In other news…

Nigerian actress, Sarah Martins has opined that it is possible for a man to love, protect, and provide for his side chic while still loving his wife and family.

She, however, said the same is not the same for women as a wife can never cheat on her husband and still love him like before.

Taking to her Instagram page, Sarah said once a woman cheats, she begins to look at her man in a condescending way and starts faulting everything he does.

The curvaceous actress also said some side chics love men more than their wives do, to the point that they even support them financially.

In her words; Truth is, man can love his side chic, provide and protect her and still love his wife even more and will never neglect his family. But truth is But you see ehh, a woman can never cheat on her husband and still love him same way.

In some cases, they start looking down on their husbands, begin to be authoritative over silly things, they begin to find fault in virtually everything their men does, the man that u fell in love with and had kids for will begin to irritate you for no reason.