If your destiny is to start small with your husband, you can’t escape it – Woman tells big girls

A Nigerian woman has sent a message to big girls in Nigeria about understanding destiny and its inevitability.

In a video circulating on social media, she explained that if a lady dates rich men in Lekki, Ajah, chevron and other highbrow areas in Lagos or Abuja, that it will not lead to marriage if her destiny is to settle down struggling or middle class man.

She said the more such women are galivanting from one man to another, the more they are depreciating.

According to her, what most big girls are looking for is not available in the market so they should accept their fate and make peace with the reality that they might end up in a modest marriage.

She said; “If you like date all the big boys in Lekki, Ajah and Abuja if your destiny is to start small with your husband, my sister that ha him be your destiny.

The more you are wasting time looking for man that will give you heaven and earth, my sister you are depreciating.”

Watch her speak below:


In other news, a Nigerian lady has recounted a terrible date experience that happened with a man she never knew was married.

The young woman with Twitter username @SkusSkus said she took a man out for lunch and he was full of appreciation during the date.

While telling her how it was a special act and rarity for her to take him out because no woman has ever done that, he unknowingly mentioned how his wife never did such for him too.

According to @SkusSkus, the man’s revelation left her really stunned that she could not utter a word of response.

She tweeted; “Random thing I just remembered. I took a man out to lunch & he was so shocked / appreciative & next thing he goes “wow no woman has ever taken me out before, not even my wife”.

My brain was like hollup hollup, wdym wife? But I was too stunned to speak 😭 Like you have a whole wife but it wasn’t important to mention her till the moment you wanted to ‘bash’ her???”

When a tweep @loveakinkunle asked; Who paid for lunch? 💀💀💀

@SkusSkus replied; I did. Made the statement after I paid and told him my treat.

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