If anyone told me I’d struggle to make ends meet, I won’t have moved to US – Nigerian lady

A young lady residing in the United States has said that if she was informed about the tedious work it takes to survive abroad, she would not have left Nigeria.

She said bills are choking residents every month, making it hard for individuals to become rich through genuine means of income in America.

The lady said she was not advising people against traveling abroad, but she if she had known better before relocating, she would have stayed back in Nigeria to learn a skill and manage her life.

She said there are opportunities abound in the United States, but for her personally, she never thought she will be struggling to make ends meet.

Watch her speak below:

Reacting, drpenking said; There is struggle everywhere but in developed countries you’ll struggle and see the result of your struggle unlike Nigeria 🇳🇬 💔

mmxclusive; Working and paying your own bills is what most Nigerian ladies consider struggling lol. I no blame una, it is the guys in Nigerian paying you free money for … You know what, never mind.

s.nnxo_; Are people expecting hand outs and not to work hard for themselves? That’s life.

obi_uzoh; Breading hair in the U.S cost around $150 plus. she should not be struggling.

iamitohan_p; So in Nigeria you don’t make the money to spend ? I’m not understanding 😩😩😩 aunty please bring your visa abi passport for us wey need am Abeg😂😂

excellent_pinna; Are people not struggling to make ends meet here? Are we plucking money from trees in Nigeria? They little money we make here are we not paying the same bills every day?

_semi_lore; Y’all don’t get the point and it shows, you gotta grow up fast fr, like you really don’t have a choice. And if you don’t have no one on your side, it’s worse. Because people post the good part of their life, y’all think shit is rosy out here. Most of y’all only pay rent a year!!! We pay for every damn thing to survive out here and it’s not like there are easy and fast ways to make money. You struggle to make money! You struggle with everything. You don’t know until you walk in those shoes. Y’all just chatting shit fr

officialbrowne0.1; All these people should please shut up, we are tired of you all making these videos even the real Americans don’t lament like y’all do but una wey beg to enter the country no go let us hear word. Face your problem and deal with it and shut up!!!

judy_kama; At least usa u speak english already so it more easy to move around. Come to some coutries in europe u don’t know a word of want people are saying real struggle

aghogho_adegor; Abeg make Una rest….. E get where billing no Dey??????? Who wan japa make him japa who wan stay make e stay …… No Dey stress us with unnecessary talk

mcbishopcomedian; Nigerians abroad with daily dose of Rubbish Talk 😞🚶

candybliss95; Because nobody will dash you money in the abroad. You got to work for every dollar.

welcome_to_2024; Most People wen Dey counter the post naw people when never go another man country go hustle. Most times you will regret leaving your country where you break rules and do whatever you like. No wahala, Japa is per head, just try am.