I don’t know if my unborn baby belongs to my husband or my ex – Pregnant lady seeks advice

A lady has shared a confession about having an affair with her ex-boyfriend who was released from jail early this year.

She said she became pregnant but she is confused as to who the real father is between her husband and her ex.

According to the lady, she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for about four years without any positive result.

In the story which was shared by On Air Personality, Kendra G, the married woman said she had been sleeping with the ex for three months before finding out she was pregnant.

The woman decided to seek the advice of he public about whether she should tell her husband in advance that the baby may not be his or if she should wait till she gives birth.

Watch Kendra G share the woman’s story below:

pattys_trend; Let the man forgive and forget, woman will always be woman plus he should pray and fast… the devil wants to put confusion in their family…. Table turns ✌️

love_yours_007; This is why you have wipe of anything concerning your ex relationship if you want anything serious with me. I no dey for ”we are not enemies”

officialbobbyfredrick__; But Sha Some men know they are not fertile but they won’t say anything, I guess this her action was born out of desperation to get a child but cheating is wrong on all levels

priscillia_oluchi_; Every cheating case is about the man, but once dem Bring DNA topic up, na woman dey faint.🙊

queenofzanger; The worse part is , even if the man finds out . The court would order a child support . Sadly! Men go through a lot in this America.

official_jmk_5050; Why the husband no fit impregnate her in the first place?plenty guy’s can’t father a child yet they will think the woman is the one with problem. Cheating is very bad but always do fertility test to be sure both of you are okay

owerri_atoz; It’s clearly the devil’s work. The husband should pray, fast and forgive her so as to save his marriage .I mean women will always be women you know?

wrldprincecharming; So who are we fearing today man or woman?😢😢

d6th1; That’s why nothing me connect me and American girl as wife and I bet anything say na black the lady be

herbertjaneannora; I fear men oo how you just comot from jail come knack person wife still give an belle join? Otilor 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

the_childoftheworld; Gentlemen… Gather here, let’s all fear women, together 🤦🏾‍♂️

yomz_001; They just do what pleases them…Hmm, so what do you think of the kind who snake deceived? In my own opinion, the fear of a woman is the beginning of wisdom. Just be careful.