How I lost girlfriend who used to shower me with credit alerts – Nigerian man narrates

A Nigerian man has reminisced on the fond memories he shared with his girlfriend for four months before she passed away.

He said the was the daughter of football club owner and so always handled every bill and financial responsiblity.

Taking to Twitter, the guy known as @_BobMfonmma recollected how she pampered him with gifts, money and made sure he never lacked anything.

The young man revealed that he had to stop complaining to her about his problems because she always credited him with money.

@_BobMfonmma said everything was going smoothly until she ghosted him for two weeks because they had a minor fight and when he reached out, he got a text from her brother, saying that she passed on.

He shared the story in reaction to a tweep @khanofkhans11_ who asked; Men. How do you bill your women? Talking stages, sneaky links, situationships or FWB?? Give us tips.

“I was once in a 4 months relationship. She’s a rich kid, her dad owns a top football club here in Nigeria. Babe literally sorted everything I ever thought without even asking. She was asked me to send my measurements, babe sent me 7 new tees she made from their textile company.

A’time I’m on my show, she made sure she watched, supported and gave her criticism if needed. She planned my every outfit going out. Made a to do list for me most times(me wey sabi Jaga Jaga sometimes). Like she was literally in my life. To a point I refused telling her if I had any issue cos next thing na alert and I felt bad cos I couldn’t do even half of what she did. Had to learn gifting by all means and she appreciated everything I gave her.

It was all rosy till she ghosted me, I didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks. Cos we had a little fight… I tried reaching out but she wasn’t responding. Next thing is her brother’s message..

“We lost (name withheld)”. I’ve never lost anyone so close before. For the first time in March 2023, hot tears dropped on my cheeks. RIP Favourite Comrade 🕊️

She played a key role in my life and I learnt alot from that relationship… I sometimes feel her in the bathroom when cold showers pour down my head. Whenever I wear her gift out, I smile cos she made sure I looked good throughout our time together. Love exist 💘” he wrote.